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Welcome to J-pop no Oya or Parents of J-pop.

What is J-pop? It is pop music from Japan, and don't think of it as an equivalent to any other pop music around the world as it is much different, nothing quite matching it... I have dedicated this site to the many j-pop idols who go unrecognized by today's world. These are the parents of J-pop if you may, back when it started in the 1970s with idols such as Sakurada Junko, Yamaguchi Momoe, Pink Lady, Iwasaki Hiromi, etc... and will cover until the mid 90s. Popular idols of today such as Amuro Namie, Utada Hikaru, Hamasaki Ayumi, and the like will not be listed because there are plenty of other sites that cover them and when I mean plenty I really do mean it...

I will try my best to include every J-pop idol worthy of mention in here. Also if you notice any spelling mistakes or errors in information please tell me so, I'd hate to see horrible spelling and/or incorrect information. To tell me of these things you can either leave a comment on an entry of the site.
That being said, please enjoy the site and I hope to help you embark on your knowledge of discovering the real roots of the J-pop world and hopefully becoming interested in it. I must say though that since this music is of an older time, don't think of it as old and out-dated but as a different point of view within singing and style, things are definitely different from now and back then.

**For the moment this site is still a work-in-progress as of November, 01 2008. And I will regularly updating it with new idol pages. If there is an idol you think should be on this page from the periods mentioned please leave me a comment or e-mail, and I'll do the research and try my best to put them here. I love learning about new idols in every way I can. Also any questions and general chat about idols can be left in comment or e-mail. I will eventually put up an idol chat section free of screening so readers will be able to post any comment they like, but until then...

As for navigation, links will be under here to each idol. I have also categorized idols into classes.
S class for 5+ number one hits
A class for 1/2 of hits within top ten or 4 number one hits
B class for 1/3 of hits within top ten or 3 number one hits
C class for 1/4 of hits within top ten or 2 number one hits
D class for one top ten hit or one number one hit
Z class for pretty much any idols not hitting S-D classes, but are still worthy of idol mention.
Uncategorized or U class for idols who I do not have substantial information to place them in a class.

I will also include a personal favorites section for my favorite idols
Pay attention to the weekly top ten and the weekly listen from the top ten in the right hand column. The navigation and affilites are there as well.

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